Abacus - Services
Property Management 
  • Conduct regular inspections of Association property 
  • Coordinate the operation, maintenance and upkeep of all common element facilities 
  • Solicit bids, negotiate service agreements and issue work orders to maintenance contractors 
  • Investigate and document all accidents occurring on Association property 
  • Enforce community covenants, conditions, restrictions and bylaws 
  • Ensure Association's compliance with government regulations 

Finance and Accounting 
  • Bill and collect from unit owner membership all assessments levied by the Association 
  • Coordinate deposit of assessments and other receivables into Association bank accounts 
  • Review and approve all contractor invoices prior to payment 
  • Prepare and submit monthly and annual financial reports 
  • Prepare Association's annual operations budget 
  • Maintain all financial records in accordance with Georgia Statutes 

  • Assist the Board with organization of directors' and membership meetings 
  • Coordinate recording and transcription of meeting minutes 
  • Obtain necessary insurance coverage for Association property 
  • Prepare and submit annual reports, forms and fees as required by state agencies 
  • Maintain all administrative records of the Association in accordance with
  • Georgia Administrative Code 

This web site is a service of Abacus Property Management